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The With Open Eyes Foundation created the SudanCan program in an effort to raise awareness of the plight of the Sudanese people and to advocate for change and social justice.

Raise awareness of the plight of the Sudanese people with college student leaders and encourage them to become involved with the cause.

Red Moon created and managed a series of on-campus events at selected Universities in the Southeast. The communication tactics included:
  • A letter from a member of the With Open Eyes team to campus leaders
  • A free viewing of the With Open Eyes documentary
  • Vending machine (Coca-Cola) and other on campus advertising
  • A contest between the selected schools to sign the most petitions online generating awareness to lawmakers for the plight of the Sudanese people

The two Universities with the most participation were awarded a free on-campus concert with donations benefiting an organization that provides support for the exiled Sudanese people.

Clemson and NC State won the concerts featuring university favorites Graham Colton and Corey Smith along with special guests.

  • Increased the number of online petitions by over 200%
  • Developed awareness within core on-campus organizations
  • Engaged key campus decision makers to help with the cause
  • Entertained over 5,000 students at the concerts