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Harris Teeter was growing their store footprint and was exploring ways to promote their customer loyalty programs and expand the growth of in-store brands.

Take Harris Teeter’s programs to the public by organizing events designed to raise awareness about Harris Teeter and increase customer loyalty.

Red Moon launched a fleet of mobile/event marketing vehicles that constantly were on the road promoting Harris Teeter programs. The first program launched was the Together in Education Bus which visited local schools and stores promoting the program’s benefits and Harris Teeter’s loyalty to giving back to schools in their communities. The following year the team rolled out two sampling programs, HT Rancher Beef Truck and HT Ice Cream Truck that sampled the store’s in-house beef and ice cream brands at events and stores. The latest program is designed to create awareness around the e-Vic loyalty program which rewards customers for using their VIC card by informing the customer when products they frequently purchase are on special.

  • Over 13 million dollars raised for schools with the Together in Education program
  • Over 55,000 customers sampled HT Rancher
  • Over 10,000 customers sampled HT Ice Cream
  • Over 62,000 loyal customers signed up for the e-Vic program
  • Successful versions of each program initiated in Northern Virginia as assets to promote the company’s rapid growth in the area