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Cub Cadet was faced with a challenge presented to them by one of their largest customers. The challenge was simple, help the retailer sell more of the brand's products against the competition. Cub Cadet was given 65 retail locations and 15 DMA's where the brand would be the only premium riding lawn mower brand available.

Get the customers in the seats and let them prove to themselves why Cub Cadet is the smartest choice when it comes to riding lawn mowers. Test drives are not usually a part of the lawn mower purchasing process at most retailers. Cub Cadet set out to change this aspect and give customers the opportunity to test drive the equipment before they make the purchase, much like if they were buying a car.

Red Moon staffed and managed the Cub Cadet Test Drive Challenge, which traveled to 86 retail locations during peak lawn mower sales season of 2012 (February - June). The traveling tour created an experience that educated prospective buyers and curious customers about the Cub Cadet brand and the benefits each of their products have to offer. After learning about each one of the different products, customers were then able to select the models that they wanted to test drive. The showcase event provided a unique and large-scale entertainment and educational platform to directly communicate with consumers at the point of purchase.

  • Hosted 87 events at various retail and community locations throughout the country
  • Registered 2,643 individuals, each whom received a Cub Cadet t-shirt and keychain
  • Conducted 3,136 test drives on the five different Cub Cadet models
  • Sold 293 riding lawn mowers and zero turn riders DAY OF Test Drive Challenge events