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Coca-Cola has a goal to recover 100% of the material that they put in the marketplace. To do this, they have invested in recycling using the "Give it Back" platform. Coca-Cola Refreshments teamed with Coca-Cola Consolidated in 2009 to start a Grassroots program out of the Charlotte area. The Grassroots campaign focused on showing consumers and partners of Coca-Cola that the brand went beyond just the product, Coca-Cola focuses on people and the planet as well.

Create a recycling program, as part of the Grassroots campaign, giving Coca-Cola the chance to create partnerships with local governments, retail partners and the consumer/ recycler. Educate the citizens about recycling while showing them that recycling is a rewarding experience.

"Recycle & Win" kicked off in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County, NC in early 2009. The program included a partnership between the city of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, Coca-Cola and Harris Teeter. An educational piece was created with the recycling DO and DO NOT list and a "opt-in" sticker to participate in the program. The mailer instructed those that placed the sticker on their curbside recycling bin could win a $50 gift card if they are recycling and recycling properly. A prize patrol vehicle then searches neighborhoods looking for those that are participating in the "Recycle & Win" program. Rewards are given to residents throughout a yearly or six month program.

  • A successful pilot program led to a Harris Teeter and Coca-Cola partnership with the city of Raleigh and a second program in Charlotte giving out over $65,000 in Harris Teeter gift cards over the three programs
  • The program expanded to Charleston, WV, Nashville, TN and Roanoke, VA with Kroger as the retail partner giving out over $43,000 in Kroger gift cards over the three programs
  • BI-LO joined Coca-Cola for a Recycle & Win program in Columbia, SC giving out $15,000 in BI-LO gift cards
  • Overall, most cities notice a 25% - 35% increase in bins during the program
  • Charlotte-Mecklenburg reported a 630 ton increase in bottle/can collection during the pilot program and a 20% increase in recycling participation during the second program
  • Raleigh reported that each month their recylcing rates increased while participating in the “Recycle & Win” program
  • Participating areas are being expanded in 2012 as the "Recycle & Win" program creates buzz in each new city or old city it returns too