Red Moon Marketing



Red Moon Marketing joined up with Coca-Cola at McDonald's Global Conference and got attendees into the beat.  At the conference, Red Moon Marketing's Sarah Scott manned the Coca-Cola booth and entertained hundreds of franchisees with the fun dance game, Just Dance.  Dance Fever enthusiasts got in the groove to win some great Coca-Cola prizes.  After a little moving and grooving, guests could kick back in the lounge and quench their thirst at the “Refresh Yourself” station, which offered a wide selection of delicious Coca-Cola beverages.

We took free hugs to another level with the “Hug Machine.”  Once
consumers gave the Coca-Cola machine a nice big hug, they were rewarded with a prize.  The booth came full circle with the History of Coca-Cola section, where guests could see how their favorite brand has grown over the years.  
The iconic Coca-Cola polar bear made a special appearance for some great photo opportunities and interactions. 

Regardless of the wide range of diversity at the conference, the universal language of dancing and fun was represented successfully.  One guest
commented “You have a little something for everyone here! I can tell you put a lot of hard work into making this display so great!”  We couldn’t be happier with the reaction to our booth and all of the positive feedback we received.  Coca-Cola always makes things different, better and special.
Coca-Cola always makes things different, better and special.