Red Moon Marketing



“Red Moon is a wonderful and special place.  The people here are the only ones that can truly understand it.  I love the company and I love the people.”


These words were anonymously submitted by one of our employees months ago when we entered in the running as one of the Event Marketer’s 2015 Best Places to Work in Events. With the help of Quantum Workplace, Event Marketer magazine was able to tap into the minds of event marketing employees everywhere. To define the rankings, each employee answered an Employee Engagement Survey outlining different aspects of their experiences within the company. 


This April, we were overjoyed to hear we had made the list along side some of finest working environments in our field. Red Moon Marketing President and CEO, Jim Bailey, had this to say on the exciting news, "Red Moon is a special place to work and I am ecstatic that our teammates feel the same way. Everyone contributes to make this company's great culture and family environment. I am honored to be a part of this very unique organization." 


We frequently go over what we call the “Red Moon Way.” This is the glue of our community and the values we hold as a company.  Out of these values, comes a family orientation that is uncompromising. A trait that we think makes Red Moon Marketing a place where, as one employee said, “The enthusiasm is constant and contagious.”


For more information, check out Event Marketer’s April 2015 issue.