Red Moon Marketing


When Super Bowl XLIX came around, Coca-Cola was presented with the annual challenge of creating an innovative and engaging commercial. They teamed up with to create The Smile Petition. This campaign commented on the ever-increasing issue of online harassment and offered a way to the spread positivity throughout the Internet.  Members of The Smile Petition vowed to help make the virtual world a happier place by posting a #MakeItHappy selfie and using the caption to compliment a friend.


Red Moon Marketing got to take this campaign from screen to street by surprising some college campuses throughout Tennessee, West Virginia, and the Carolinas with a little pick-me-up.  At each college, we searched for students with Coca-Cola products and rewarded their brand loyalty with a prize. Then we offered to give them something extra if they posted a picture with their Coke and use #MakeItHappy to spread some positivity throughout their campus. With the help of the students from each school, we also organized a flash sampling opportunity with great music and free ice-cold Coca-Cola products. We had a wonderful experience rewarding students and brightening up there day with a Coke and a smile. Check out #MakeItHappy on Twitter and Instagram to open happiness!


Check out Coca-Cola’s #MakeItHappy commercial right here!