Glenn Wilga Account Director
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What does customer service mean to you?
Customer service means going above and beyond to please the client.
What has been your most memorable client experience at Red Moon?
My most memorable client experience was when I was able to help launch a test program for el Jimador Tequila in Miami, FL.
Hobbies outside of work:
Working out and firearms.
Favorite quote:
“It’s never too early to start beefing up your obituary.”
Favorite food:
A rare porterhouse steak
Favorite music:
House music and Outlaw Country
Work, etc.
Grew up in Thompson, CT and moved to Charlotte in 2008 to finish my business management degree at Johnson & Wales University. I began as an intern at Red Moon and was offered a full-time position after graduation. I have been fortunate to work with a diverse group of clients and travel extensively.
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