Joe Wielgosz Account Executive
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What does customer service mean to you?
It all comes down to simplification. It’s our job to take the guessing game out of any guests’ experience at every event we host. Along the way practice the simple things such as strong eye contact, tone, and just being polite.
What has been your most memorable client experience at Red Moon?
Although I’m only just over a month into my Red Moon life, I’d have to say a recent Charleston event was the most eventful so far. Our team activated at the Cooper River Bridge Run (A 10K run, 40,000+ participants) where we had a two-day cookout for participants and fans alike to come grub out with us.
Hobbies outside of work:
I was spoiled being born and raised in Connecticut with the beach only being 20 minutes from home. Besides the beach, others include: family, hiking, traveling, cornhole, and attending or playing just about any sport or live event.
Favorite quote:
“In both the personal and professional world never forget: Your passion, drive, and determination breeds success…not your status, job title, or money.” - Me
Favorite food:
Pizza overall but chicken parm is right there too.
What is your most memorable travel experience?
I’ll go with a Seattle work (previous company) trip. I was able to see the Mariners play, go inside the space needle for a 360-degree view of the city, and hopped on a cruise around the bay. Exploring the iconic fish market as well as discovering the gum wall which was removed only a short time ago, played a huge role in this work trip transitioning into more of a vacation.
Work, etc.
I’ve had multiple internships across various leagues during my college days which were spent in the desert attending Grand Canyon University where I graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Sports Management. Afterwards I spent a few years on two different contracts working for a sports marketing company called Octagon with BMW being our client on both. The first involved being in the field managing a nationwide driving program and the second a combination of on the road and in office coordinating amateur golf tournaments. I wanted to move to Charlotte then discovered Red Moon and that’s where my crosshairs stood still. Unbelievably grateful to be part of this team because we’re making history.
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