Warren Wisnewski VP for International Business Development
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What does customer service mean to you?
To me customer service means developing a passion for building mutually beneficial business relationships and a deep respect and understanding of people and their cultures.
What has been your most memorable client experience at Red Moon?
While I am a fairly new member of the Red Moon team, I look forward to using my international business experience to help take Red Moon’s well-earned reputation for delighting clients and building lasting relationships to new and exciting places.
Hobbies outside of work:
I enjoy wreck diving, vintage automobiles, sailing and travel.
Favorite music:
What is your most memorable travel experience?
I was one of the first American businessmen to live and work in Mainland China in 1982 and am one of a very few Americans to have visited North Korea, in 2008.
Work, etc.
Prior to joining Red Moon, I spent more than 25 years in a variety of international business assignments – with both large multinational corporations and small to medium sized enterprises. For many of those years, I was responsible for Eastman Kodak Company’s Consumer, Professional and Digital Imaging business across Greater Asia, during a period of rapid development, expansion and industry change. I have served as the Chairman of the Board of multiple legal entities across Asia as well as Governor of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai – Asia’s largest chamber. I have earned two of the most prestigious awards granted by the Shanghai Municipal Government – the Silver and Gold Magnolia Awards – for my support of the city’s rapid development.
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