Jim Duncan Executive VP Sales/Marketing
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What does customer service mean to you?
Listening to what the customer wants and finding a way to deliver it.
What has been your most memorable client experience at Red Moon?
While working at Charlotte Motor Speedway I had the pleasure of selling the naming rights of the World 600 to Coca-Cola which has become one of the most successful partnerships in the sport.
Hobbies outside of work:
Work, etc.
I was raised in Charlotte, NC and am a proud alumni of the University of South Carolina where I was fortunate to play football. I began my career with Campbell Soup Company in Richmond, VA and then moved west with Reynolds Metal. While with Reynolds I helped start and managed their recycling program for the west coast. I had the opportunity to move back to Charlotte and accepted a position at Charlotte Motor Speedway with my college friend Humpy Wheeler. I spent over 20 years at the Speedway as Executive VP of Sales and Marketing working with some great brands such as Coca-Cola, Miller, Chevrolet, Car Quest and Bojangles'. I joined Red Moon in 2002 and help lead the development of our great customers and their products and services.
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