Red Moon Marketing

OUR PROCESS leads to success

First, we listen. Then we let our core company attributes lay the foundation from which we leverage our marketing and creative capabilities. These three elements working together are what creates value for our clients.
There are no individual successes at Red Moon. We are a very close-knit team whose sole focus is helping our clients grow. What we do is not about a few people making a difference; it’s an overriding philosophy of collaboration and partnership.
-- Jim Bailey, President

Listen + Attributes + Capabilities = Success

Listen + Attributes + Capabilities = Success

Red Moon approaches each marketing challenge with a disciplined marketing formula. Nothing is assumed and nothing is left to chance. Experience has shown us that our “no stone unturned” approach yields positive results for clients as varied as Coca-Cola, SATO America, Data Ventures, Harris Teeter, MolliCoolz and more.

The process starts with listening to both the internal and external stakeholders. Then we ask one critical question, “What is the definition of success?” Once there is a clear understanding of the task at hand the work begins.

Red Moon infuses its core attributes and capabilities to develop the most effective strategy to reach the client’s goals.

Superior customer service, highly textured communication and an extensive evaluation process throughout each project are proven keys to the client’s success.

+ Attributes

Employee Cross Training

Core Values:
   » Customer Service
   » Teamwork
   » Open and Honest Communication
   » Responsibility

Deeply Engrained Branding Culture

Strive to Bring Value to Clients

+ Capabilities

Marketing Services
   » Brand Promotion
   » Event Marketing
   » Sponsorship Management
   » Marketing Research

Creative Services
   » Branding
   » Visual Communication
   » Interactive/Digital Media
   » Public/Community Relations