Red Moon Marketing

About Red Moon Marketing

From the Start

Red Moon was founded in 2002 on the principle of providing great customer service and building lasting relationships. These principles are still in place today having led and continue to lead the growth of Red Moon and its clients.

Our Mission

To provide effective, innovative and efficient marketing solutions with the highest priority on quality, customer service and return on investment.

Core Company Attributes

Employee Cross Training
Every Red Moon employee is trained on every brand in the company's portfolio. This allows for maximum flexibility to best serve the client. The education of a wide variety of brands and companies also allows each employee to expand their knowledge and provides for tremendous personal and professional growth.

Core Values
  • Customer Service
  • Teamwork
  • Open and Honest Communication
  • Responsibility

Deeply Engrained Branding Culture
Red Moon practices what it preaches. Or in our case drinks, eats and uses the products and services we promote. Brand loyalty is strong throughout the company providing for a healthy culture of brand promotion.

Strive to Bring Value to Clients
Red Moon approaches every opportunity by asking the question "What can we do to add more value?" The client’s best interests are always top of mind and in this world of diminishing budgets and continued pressure for increased performance Red Moon is at the top of the game in adding more value.